Antique 89 has existed since 1974, where we started out with a small shop. Over the last 30 years our focus has been solely on export. Since 1989 we have shipped infinitely many containers of to countries like USA, France, Italy, Israel, Spain, Libanon, Japan and many more. 

It has been a privilege for us to meet other cultures like this and it has been and is an amazing journey. 

We have 2 large warehouses in the Freeport with 7.200 square meters filled with beautiful mahogany furniture from the 18-19 th. century, design furniture and furniture from the 1900-1950´s.

Have a look through our gallery to get an impression of part of our large stock.

How to ship your purchase

We also offer a containerpackingservice, if you purchase enough to fill a 20 or 40 foot container. The fee for packing your purchase for a 20 foot container is 500 euro and 990 euro for a 40 foot container.

Want to visit us?

To make arrangements for a visit or further inquiries, please contact us by email antique89@tdcadsl.dk or by cell phone +45 26 25 78 74 to talk with the founder Mike Gabriely.