Antique 89 A/S has been exporting antiquities since 1974 and it has been quite a journey. Unfortunately, due to retirement, we are selling out over the next year.

We have 2 large warehouses in the Freeport of 7.200 square meters filled with beautiful mahogany furniture from the 18-19 th. century, design furniture and furniture from the 1900-1950´s.

Have a look through the many pictures on the site to get an impression of part of our large stock.

Since we are closing the company within a year, we are offering very high discounts. As an example, we are giving up to 60% on mahogany furniture and 30% on furniture from the 1900-1950´s.

We also offer containerpackingservice, if you purchase enough to fill a 20 or 40 foot container. The fee for packing your purchase for a 20 foot container is 500 euro and 990 euro for a 40 foot container.

To make arrangements for a visit or further inquiries, please contact us by email antique89@tdcadsl.dk or by cell phone +45 26 25 78 74.